Internationally Certified NLP Practitioner Training

When you decide to take the journey with Dynamic Business Minds, be inspired and motivated to know that you will be receiving world class training and have the confidence that you will be trained and internationally certified as a practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Our classrooms are warm & social and we encourage purposeful and goal-oriented learning. Our NLP Practitioner programs are kept to small group sizes to ensure a deeply sensory experience with time to become familiar with your new skills and learning in practical applications. At the completion of our program, we continue to support you in applying your learning & revisiting concepts via our group alumni calls.

Our training is in an elite group. Dynamic Business Mind coaches & trainers stand out in their delivery as they impart insight into the correlations between NLP, Emotional Intelligence, and the Science behind your Brain @ Work.

This focus also leads to more personal congruency and a broader understanding of providing dependable and lasting change as a coach / leader in your respective field.

Get Started

Our purpose is to create a supportive ecosystem that enables newly trained practitioners to practice and hone their skills as well as keeping in touch with their peers from the program. You are also invited to retake a program you have completed for a nominal fee of $200. You can come for some or all of the program. You just need to let us know which days you would like to re-explore.

If you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or you are ready to learn about yourself, get in touch with us to start living your life without constraint.

Our NLP Practitioner Certification Course has two formats to choose from: 2 x  4-day blocks or 8 consecutive days with a focus in both programs to provide both a challenging and supportive discovery of your best and most effective self.  We are looking to unlocking your highest and greatest potential, as well upskilling you to go out in the world and make an impact.

NLP Practitioner Training Presenters

Jade Stephens,
Master Practitioner and Trainer in NLP | Registered Hypnotherapist with PCHA | Registered Counsellor with the ACA |
Jade studied under the guidance of Terry McClendon, author and master trainer and Mike Bundrant, INLP, author and master trainer, two key contributors to the continued development of NLP.

Christine Clifford has 20 years of experience in coaching & mentoring business professionals & entrepreneurs to improve their personal performance, build sustainability & profit and connect to their purpose for maximum impact.

Business | Financial Planning | NLP | Hypnosis | Neuroscience of Leadership | Neurotherapy

Both Jade and Christine use a blend of neuro-linguistic programming, behavioural pattern identification, cognitive behavioural techniques and hypnosis to achieve realistic and sustainable outcomes via online programs, small group workshops and private one on one meetings.

Dynamic Business Minds brings objective and people-centric learning to decision-making, problem-solving, time management, engaging teams and communication without losing the human in the equation.