Thank you for taking the time to take a look at our professional backgrounds.

Christine Clifford – Program Designer

In the 90’s my business Profit Watch, helped business owners with management process & business systems. In my endeavours to change ” business as usual”  I came up against resistance to change and I got very interested in “why”. 

This led me on a journey to understand and learn how to make a difference in the business with effective systems and with the people who need to implement them. I am particularly interested in innovation, leadership and resiliency.

Jade Stephens – Master Trainer 

I am a master practitioner and trainer in NLP, a registered hypnotherapist with Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia and a registered counsellor with the ACA. I studied under the guidance of Terry McClendon, author and master trainer, and Mike Bundrant, owner of INLP, author and master trainer. They are both two very special and knowledgeable people who studied under the creators of NLP: John Grinder and Richard Bandler

When you decide to take the journey with Dynamic Business Minds, be inspired and motivated to know that you will be receiving world class training and have the confidence that you will be trained and certified as a practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic programming.

So if you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or you are ready to work on yourself, get in touch with us to start living your life without constraint.

Both Christine and Jade use a blend of neurolinguistic programming, behavioural pattern identification, cognitive behavioural techniques and hypnosis to achieve realistic and sustainable outcomes via online programs, small group workshops and private one on one meetings.

Dynamic Business Minds brings objective and people centric learning to decision making, problem solving, time management, engaging teams and communication without losing the human in the equation.

Professional History

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Dynamic Business Minds is founded as a collaboration between Christine Clifford and Jade Stephens. The big driver at Dynamic Business Minds is Premium Personal Performance. We focus on optimising personal performance to establish the pathway to professional success and profit.


2016 – Present

Director and Founder

Christine Clifford & Associates have helped 100’s of coaches, entrepreneurs and small business owners change their minds to change their lives. We address Strategy , Science and the Soul of why you are in business, your goals and struggles and support you to achieve the breakthroughs you desire.
February 2004 – Present

Managing Director at NorthQue - 12 years 3 months

Creating annual operational plans ensuring long term financial viability and continuation of strategic direction. Recruiting and contracting of company and project staff. Performance management and culture development. Overseeing brand development including content and partnerships. Advocate for organisational values in the community and liaison between stakeholders.

Accreditations and Training

I was one of the fortunate people invited to attend Dynamic Business Minds training presentation.

The space in Northgate is welcoming, secure and professional. It’s a place where minds are opened, explored and challenged with a supportive approach. New concepts are delivered in an easy to follow manner, yet Jade and Christine delve far deeper into the foundation components that are offered through colleges.

There is time to role play and practice your new skills – this is where I found I was able to increase my ability to connect with people using so much more than my voice.

At the completion of the course I really felt as though I was amongst likeminded people, empowered counsellors and coaches ready to achieve the greatest results with their clients.

The course was quite literally life changing!

Emma Paul

Christine has given me the tools and insights to refocus my business and the confidence to identify and “go for” what I really want for my business and for myself.
This is very powerful and liberating stuff.  I now know that both the resistances and solutions are inside of me. Because of what I’ve learned from Christine, my services and products, indeed the way I do business, is more heartfelt and is more impacting. I have the vision, the confidence and the capacity to do what I want and what previously I only dared to dream of.

I cannot recommend Christine highly enough!

Gail Carroll
Gail Carroll